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Teacher’s Weekly Lesson Plan Templates

Collaborate with other teachers to bring innovation into every classroom. Access incredible resources with only a few clicks. Easily share and import lessons right into your planner. Start Collaborating. So glad I started using Planboard for my lesson plans! Game changer!! So far I like it!! I use Planboard for all of my planning! I love that lessons are easily editable, even on the go with their elgin marbles debate essay platforms.

I just make quick notes in each block at the printable lesson plan book pages of class. Highly recommended. I found a good lesson plan templates for special education right here. Here you can find some good lesson plan templates for elementary school.

You can find lesson plan templates for high school above. Most of the lesson templates in this post are for teaching high school students. And last, lesson plan templates for college students. I suggest using the universal lesson plan template above. Lesson plan template - Daily When you teach different classes in different grades, you might like to have a daily lesson planner with you. Lesson plan template - Weekly This weekly planner might help you to get things ordered.

I suggest you use some highlighters for each activity. It will give you a better overview. Course planner templates After you are done planning each separate lesson, it might come in handy to put them in a course planner.

Games for Learning. Grading and Assessment. Graphic Organizers. Handwriting Practice. Historical Figures. Holidays and Fun. Lesson Planning. Picture Galleries. Printable Quotes.

Social Studies. Substitute Teaching. Textbook Worksheets. World History. Filter by Category. Eliminate the risk of employees accidentally stretching, moving, discoloring you get the point printable lesson plan pages brand assets by locking down fonts, images, logos, position, and more. Planning your lessons just got a little bit easier. Use our lesson plan templates to craft fun and challenging activities for your classes.

Arts and Humanities. Emergency Plans For Teachers. Countries and Continents. Music Education.Homeschool Planner Plus is a spreadsheet planner that is a full digital planner for an individual homeschool student. Our Homeschool Planner Plus includes an older version of our transcript template which remains in the workbook, but we now have a revised and updated the transcript template and are making it available as a separate download.

Printable lesson plan book pages

For questions, see the FAQ below. At this time, we are only offering the updated homeschool transcript template for Excel. We also offer a free digital course planner download for high school and college. It has been designed to include everything you need to get your school year started on an organized note. Most of it is ready to be edited and customized. A planning template that you can download for free in PPT template.

You can customize and edit in Microsoft PowerPoint. Printable lesson plan book pages colorful lesson plan cover with eight bright and bold covers.

This full-color page has all 26 letters of the alphabet illustrated on primary-ruled paper, and a photo to represent each letter sound. Fraction Reference Chart. Measurement Reference Bookmarks.

These bookmarks have standard and metric measurement conversions. Metric include milliliters, liters, centimeters, meters, and kilometers.

Standard units include miles, yard, feet, inches, gallons, quarts, pints, and cups. Homework Agendas. Super Hero Homework Agenda. Students will love the super heroes that decorate this weekly homework agenda page.

Weekly lesson plan printable

Robot Homework Agenda. Fish Homework Agenda Half-Size. Simple Border Agenda. Desk Tags. Desk Tag - Printing Letters. This student desk tag features printed letters, a number line, and left-right hand prints. Desk Tag - Cursive Letters. This student desk tag features a cursive alphabet, a globe, a multiplication table, and fraction strips.

Desk Tag - Fish. Desk Tag - Superheroes. Desk Tag - Robots. Desk Tag - Dinos. Clock Tabs. Triangular Clock Tabs. Affix these five-minute interval tabs to your classroom clock to help kids learn to tell time.

Tabs read,etc. This printable weekly lesson plan printable advanced triangular time tabs. Tabs read five to, ten to, quarter to, o'clock, five after, ten after, quarter afteretc. Oval Clock Tabs. Tape these oval-shaped tabs around your classroom clock. Tabs have numbers in five-minute intervals, such as, etc.

Oval Clock Tabs Advanced. These advanced oval tabs read: quarter to, quarter after, half past, ten after, twenty to, five afteretc. See Also:. Worksheet Images. Not a member yet? Join Today! My Account.

8+ Printable Lesson Plan Templates

Membership Information. Site License Information. Site Information. Useful Links. Social Media. Not a Member? For complete access to thousands of printable lessons click the button or the link below. Common Core Alignment. Saved Favorite. This pdf is saved in:.

Donna Young's homeschool Lesson Planning Forms

Go to My File Cabinet. Delete this file? Your favorite has been removed. This lesson plan template for secondary teachers includes a week of plans for multiple subjects or classes. Lesson Plan Template Printables. This lesson plan template is a great way for secondary teachers to plan daily lessons in detail. This lesson plan form is perfect for secondary teachers to organize multiple class periods.

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